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Elms is committed to providing sound solutions to its customers who generate electronic scrap in various forms.  Elms understands that the recycling of electronic scrap requires multi-faceted competencies; from processing know-how to best environmental practices to ensuring compliance to auditable procedures.  We are in a position to work with generators and customers to execute comprehensive recycling programs.

Elms offers one-stop convenience to its customers.  Whether they are looking for a company which understands their technological-protection concerns, addresses their disposal procedural requirements,  complies to their regulatory needs, or is capable to simply collect or receive their scrap and deal with it in an appropriate fashion.

From destroying parts such as PCBAs and semiconductors via crushing or shredding to ensuring that the materials are treated responsibly in a refining cycle; Elms is ready to understand customers' concerns and requirements in order to customize a package catering to these expectations.   Customers can rely on its experience and conviction to perform the tasks.

Among customers Elms deal with are:

companies manufacturing electronic components with quality and production fall-outs as scrap.

companies in the assembly of various kinds of boards, be them disk drive, sound card, video card or computer.

stockists and distributors with end-of-life products and obsolescent parts.

scrap collectors needing a company to buy-off their electronics scrap.

insurance companies which need destruction services for the products claims are issued against.

end-users who need the proper dealing of obsolete electronics and computer systems.

any other generator of electronics scrap in various forms. 

Elms is positioned to receive electronics materials all over the world.  Do let us know if we can be of service to you.


Assembled PCBs
Myriad types of boards generated as a result of quality failure or product obsolescence are received for treatment


Rejected Components
Components scrapped due to end-of-life cycle, production quality failure, insurance claims etc

providing destruction services to a range of products and devices.


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